• Hotel bar hookups - flirt with other guests at the bar

    Hotel Bar Hookups

    9. August 2019 msdredaktion

    For many single travellers, hotel bar hookups are a secret fantasy. Hollywood films and TV series are full of scenes where attractive singles end up in bed minutes after a random encounter at the bar in their hotel. But are hotel bar hookups really that easy to find? We’ve asked a travel pro, and the…

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  • My Travel Affairs - Hot hotel room dates

    My Travel Affairs

    25. July 2019 msdredaktion

    Travelling to different countries is probably my biggest passion. I am naturally curious and love to discover new places and different cultures. However, one thing I love even more are my travel affairs. Having sex during a trip is one of the most exciting things you can do in order to finish of an eventful…

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  • Hotel Hookups are great fun

    Hotel Hookups

    11. June 2019 msdredaktion

    One of the biggest highlights of any trip are hotel hookups. There is something irresistibly naughty and hot about hooking up with a traveller staying in the same hotel without having the hotel staff and other guests notice anything. While hotel hookups were pretty difficult to find in the past, it is fortunately much easier…

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  • Holiday Romance

    Holiday Romance

    15. May 2019 msdredaktion

    Have you ever had a sweet holiday romance? If the answer is know, I can tell you that you have missed out on something amazing. For me, a holiday romance is the biggest highlight of every trip. There’s something bitter sweet about meeting a stranger who steals your heart for a couple of weeks, knowing…

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  • Summer fling - My lavish holiday experience

    Summer Fling

    18. April 2019 msdredaktion

    I love travelling and can never wait until it is time again for my next trip. Foreign cultures and beautiful places have always mesmerised me. The thing I love most about travelling is that I never known who I will meet. As I am generally a flirty person, finding a summer fling is always the…

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  • The best dating apps for finding a holiday flirt

    Holiday Flirt

    21. March 2019 msdredaktion

    We all dream of having a sexy holiday flirt for our next trip. There’s something irresistibly hot about meeting an exciting woman or man while on holiday. Sometimes we are lucky and meet our holiday flirt when we least expect it. Most of the time we end up on our own, though. Fortunately this does…

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  • Mile High Club - Sex on an airplane toilet

    Mile High Club

    13. February 2019 msdredaktion

    Joining the Mile High Club is something most jet setters have been fantasising about at some point. A saucy adventure above the skies in a very risky environment – what’s not to love? And while everybody has heard stories about the Mile High Club, most of us were never brave enough to join… What is…

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  • Exclusive holidays start with flying in style

    Exclusive Holidays

    23. January 2019 msdredaktion

    Travelling is almost always fun, but nothing has the wow factor of some of the most exclusive holidays money can buy. We have gathered some of the most extravagant, lavish and exclusive holidays you can find on this planet. Exclusive holidays start with flying in style You think of business class is posh and first…

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  • Female Travel Partner

    Female Travel Partner

    23. December 2018 msdredaktion

    Men looking for a female travel partner now have the chance to meet attractive women online just for travelling. In the past, people usually thought about relationships, love and maybe even marriage when they heard about dating apps and online dating sites. Indeed, most men are looking for more than a summer flirt when they…

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  • Travel Companions for Singles

    Travel Companions for Singles

    18. November 2018 msdredaktion

    Many successful businessmen love traveling and take every opportunity they have to get away from work for a couple of days. However, the biggest challenge is to find someone they can invite on their getaway. As with most other things, the Internet has come up with a solution: Travel companions for singles! What are travel…

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